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Rabbit Vibrators – A Handy Guide for Beginners

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Without a doubt, one of the most visible sex toys in the market is the rabbit vibrator. Although this bunny shaped stimulator was initially conceived by an American company, its design has steadily been adopted by different manufacturers and is now an easily recognisable design for people looking to increase pleasure in their bedroom. However, the overwhelming popularity of the rabbit vibrator can inadvertently make it challenging to shop for one. Considering the vast selection available, newbies to sex toys may not know how to make an appropriate choice. Here is a handy guide to help beginners discern what is best from the wide range of rabbit vibrators available in the market.

Standard rabbit

This variety of the vibrator is characterised by having a detachable rabbit-shaped stimulator attached to the vibrator's shaft. In recent years, this rabbit stimulator has been moulded in an array of other designs such as butterflies, dolphins and so on. The stimulator's primary function is to provide clitoral pleasure whereas the shaft is for penetration.

The most notable feature about standard rabbit vibrators is that they can achieve a broad range of movements. From throbbing, pulsing, gyrating, spinning and full rotations, you can be assured of maximum pleasure from both the shaft as well as the stimulator. Standard rabbit stimulators also come with two motors; one attached to the stimulator while the other is connected to the shaft. Hence, you can achieve diverse functions from these two parts simultaneously.

Thrusting rabbit

This type of rabbit is also typically referred to as a thruster. As implied by its name, the vibrator's shaft is designed to move up and down when it is in use, rather than spin and rotate like the standard vibrator. Some thrusters may have spinning capabilities as their standard counterparts do, but they are mostly styled to mimic penetrative sex.

Mini rabbit

As the name implies, the mini rabbit is a smaller version of its standard rabbit counterpart. Unlike the traditional rabbit, the mini rabbit is supposed to be discreet and easily portable. It has also been found that people who may be intimidated by the size of the standard rabbit may be more comfortable with the petite size of the mini rabbit. Although the mini rabbit has the same functional design as the standard rabbit with both a clitoral stimulator and a shaft, it is not capable of the same wide range of motion as the standard alternative. Because the mini variety is smaller, they typically are fitted with one motor and will not rotate when in use.

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