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Three Reasons You Should Use Titanium Body Piercings

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The body jewellery industry has been evolving for the past couple of decades. The materials used have changed as more and more people look for safer options. If you have piercings, you know that some of the metals used can easily irritate your skin. Some people have piercings that take too long to heal. You can get a piercing that gives you a severe allergic reaction. If you are looking to start a body piercing shop or you already own one, consider using anodized titanium. You can find body piercing jewellery suppliers that will provide you titanium at reasonable costs. Titanium is relatively new to the body piercing market. Two decades ago, it was challenging to find as well as expensive. That noted, it still costs a little more than the other options on the market. Offer this to your customers for the following reasons.  

Titanium Is Hypoallergenic 

Titanium does not cause allergic reactions. You will not get rashes or eczema with titanium piercing. It is the most hypoallergenic material in the world today. If you have a customer that is hypersensitive to metals, titanium is the best to use for their piercings. Allergies to metal stem from cobalt and nickel, which is put in many alloys today. Titanium alloys do not contain either. It is so good that even hospitals are shifting from the traditional metals to titanium. Implants, as well as surgical instruments, are now made with titanium. Ask your body piercing suppliers to provide you with titanium piercings.  

Different Colours 

Metals have a specific colour. Titanium has a natural silver colour. Through oxidation, manufacturers make titanium in other colours. These include pink, green, red and blue, among others. People get piercings to express their individuality. Using titanium ensures that you can give your customers the colour options they like. They can also buy extra pieces to go with different occasions and moods. The colour does not fade, although it is not scratch-resistant.  

Corrosion Resistant and Light 

Titanium is very light, although it is as strong as steel. Hefty piercings can be uncomfortable for your customers to wear. They will also irritate the skin around the piercing before it heals. Using titanium ensures that your customers are comfortable and the piercing heals quickly. The body is continually sweating, and this can cause the metal in your piercings to corrode. Using titanium piercings takes away this risk.  


As a business owner, it is essential to provide high-quality service to your customers. Ask your body piercing jewellery suppliers about titanium body jewellery.